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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered use the contact form below.


What are your service plans?

I offer multiple service plans to meet a variety of social media needs. You can access the service plan prices HERE


When will I see results?

Success will not happen over night and while I can't make any guarantees with a strong social media strategy you can expect to start seeing results within the first 3-4 months. 


Why do I need to add the Instagram A.S.A.P plan if I want the Bronze plan?

The Bronze plan includes creative direction and support. In order for me to provide you with those monthly services I need to dig deep into your brand and create a strong strategy. This makes sure I'm well equipped  to guide you in the right direction.


How long do I have to commit?

I do require a 4 month commitment. The first month is for onboarding, strategy development, and  content creation. Month 2 is when I take over your account.


Who creates the content?

Clients are responsible for creating their own content and supplying me with visual assets. Depending on the type of service plan selected, I will provide creative guidance, content curation, basic graphic design and video editing.


What does my return on my investment look like?

What is your time worth? How about having less stress in your life and knowing that your business is being taken care of by someone who genuinely loves to be on social media. While I can't give you an exact number or dollar amount this is what I can provide to you.

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